terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

« Riders on the storm... »

This time you've been bad, awfully bad. The worst, they've said. But one night, late... you went out, you were still heartless, a beast. But after that night, for everyone you were no longer a monster, you were a saint, a poor man with a tragic ending. Almost every face that I looked at was crying, even though they said you were an aggressor last night. Well, after that long long day, I started to see people in a particular different way. They were nothing more but hypocrites. Yes, the man was no longer living, not in his body, but still in my mind. I would never, ever forget the feeling of pure freedom when you were riding in a super high velocity... even though it was super dangerous, even though you were with a child, it just sounded so but so nice. I even felt a relief when we stopped, like everything I had on my shoulders was almost gone. That way, you could have been a monster, a beast, and an aggressor... But I loved you anyway, and that had nothing to deal with me. I was not going to judge you like they did because I believe you've had your own reasons to react like that. To know the feeling, it's great... untill the moment we know we will not be able to feel like that again. It was an irresponsibility, it was crazy, but the freedom, the adrenalin were simply great. Even though you were crazy, mad, to me you were just the more sweetest person in the whole world and I hope you know that I enjoyed every crazy moment I had with you. You're story it's not that clear for me to understand, there are lots of things that I still don't comprehend. Just don't makes sense... And I won't write not even one more paragraph. Take your own conclusions...

Your eternal doll, my dearest friend.

«... There's a killer on the road.»

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